Synthesis 60M Crossover Yacht



Design Brief

This project aims to bring a new vision of the way to live the planet ocean, anywhere, anytime, in the highest standards of comfort and facilities, with the feeling to be at the right place in every situation. Close to the Explorer Yacht concept, it is yet more versatile, hence this new "Crossover Yacht" designation.

Cruising among the Aegean islands, approaching the ice pack at the Spitzbergen, braving a gale in the north Atlantic, visiting Guggenheim museum next to the New York waterfront, exploring the Amazone river, refueling at Ushuaia fishing harbour, mooring in front of the Fidji islands, maintaining at the docks in Shanghai, enjoying the Grand Prix from Monaco... So many different scenes to be part of!

This not only requires a long range, fuel efficient, sea worthy, multifunctional vessel. This not only requires living and operating spaces offering a “ villa mode ” to its guests and crew. For the gentleman sailor aiming to a certain harmony with its surrounding, this also requires a yacht styled and tailored to suite every scenic context.

To achieve this idea of crossover style, this project integrates typical design features referring to different nautical backgrounds. A clean, sober and yet radical reinterpretation of these multiple references, gives to this project its own and unique aesthetic, a dynamic sculpture moving on the water.

We call it the “Synthesis” project.


General arrangement and preliminary specification on request.

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