MR 12.s


Finalist project of the design competition organized by the World Match Racing Tour

The MR 12.s is an evolution of the MR 12.

It is is a yacht for contact racing, fleet or Match Racing.
Its dimensions were chosen in order to provide sensations comparable to America’s cup boats, while making it accessible in terms of budget, logistics and simplicity of sailing.

Her deck layout has been designed as a vast and unique cockpit.
The returns from the jib sheet on the opposite side, allows the tailer to adjust the sail staying on the windward coaming, which is important for a narrow hull sailing upwind with a high angle of heel.
The important bow overhang has been thought to ease the planning downwind while keeping longer dynamic floating length upwind. It can be also considered as a kind of "streamlined bowsprit with snuffer" for the tack of the asymmetric spinnaker. All this in order to make maneuvering easier and faster. This also minimizes the risk of collision between the boats rounding the marks.

The strake, the stern and the bow include an elastomer bumper to allow contacts statistically inevitable in this type of racing.
Trailerable within standard road width, the mast consists of two parts to ease transport.


Overall length: 12,00 m
Beam: 2.30 m
Draught: 2.40 m
Displacement: 2.40 t
Ballast weight: 1.20 t
GV: 40 m²
Genoa: 26 m²
Asymmetric Spinnaker: 80 m²
Electric engine: 5 kw


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